Chemical Feed Stations

Our chemical feed stations come in a variety of sizes, with or without stands. All of the sizes listed below are available in Polyethelene and Polypropylene materials for chemical compatibility.  Complete and ready to use Chemical Feed Tanks allow you to handle small amounts of liquids and other chemicals in a safer and more efficient manner than drums. The chemical storage tanks can be located close to your customer’s use point.  This eliminates the need for them to move and handle
heavy drums and tote bins of hazardous materials, while at the same time eliminating the handling costs and inconvenient disposal of drums and one-way tote bins.

The ready-to-use Chemical Feed Stations are lightweight, easy to handle, and complete with secondary containment. Added features such as moulded pump shelves, tank stands, custom fitting and accessory packages help to individualize any customer’s needs. The Chemical Feed Stations are
available with primary tanks constructed of either WRAS and food-grade materials.  Containment basins are constructed of high-density linear polyethene.

Chemical Station Features:

  • Customized storage tank to fit your chemical requirements.
  • Secondary spill containment capable of holding a minimum of 110% of
    primary tanks capacity.
  • Optional pump shelf allows for easy access to the pump.
  • Storage tanks are sized to efficiently use storage space.
  • Optional accessories are available including fittings, drain valves, and level gauges.
  • The primary tank also available with optional open-top or hinged lids on certain sizes.
  • Containment of primary tank allowing for total reclamation of any spilt chemical.
  • Improved inventory control.
  • Improved environmental standards.
  • Improved housekeeping and maintenance.

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