Conical Biofuel Tanks

Conical Biofuel Tanks are used for storage tanks and the manufacture of biomass fuels. Many installers prefer the conical tanks as the cone outlet has a smooth transition from tank to drainpipe where the liquid exits the tank.

Plastic Conical Tank Advantages

There are many advantages of plastic cone bottom tanks including being a lot cheaper than steel. In natural the tank walls are translucent so you can see inside them without the need for additional level indicators.

These are suitable for up to 45 deg C, above this temperature we recommend the polypropylene tanks which are suitable up to 65 deg C.  Being chemically inert these tanks do not promote auto-oxidation, rust and oil does not form a skin on the inside of the tank.

These conical bottom medium density polyethene are a cost-effective means for

What is the biofuel production process?

Biofuel production is the process in which biofuels or fossil fuel alternatives are created. This recent innovation has effectively spurred on completely new technology. Biomass resource may eliminate or significantly reduce our dependence on the finite supplies of traditional petroleum-based derivatives of fossil fuels.

The essence of biofuel production is that it is primarily a sustainable form of fuel production. Research has gone into depths to discover the best conversion technologies to develop a renewable energy fuel or natural gas, which has almost limitless supply.

Biomass Feedstock

A wide variety of biomass feedstocks are available, and biomass can be produced anywhere that plants or animals can live. Most feedstocks can be made into liquid fuels, heat, electric power, ethanol and biodiesel or biobased products.

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