Bunded Chemical Storage Tanks

Enduramaxx Bunded Chemical Storage Tanks for Admix, chemical storage, wastewater, de-icer, and fertiliser storage. Pipework and flange customisation are available to suit your project. These bunded acid tanks contain a minimum 110% volume of the inner tank. Simply put, a plastic bunded tank is a ‘tank within a tank’ which helps customers conform to current health and safety legislation.

Chemical Storage Tanks With Secondary Containment

Bunded Chemical Storage Tanks have been specifically designed with pollution control in mind. Selected for integral protection from leakage and overfilling.  These plastic tanks are constructed using rotationally moulded mid-density polyethene. The integral bund allows for total containment ‘over the top’ discharge meaning no low-level fittings in the tank wall or requirement for a civil bund.

What Chemicals Can Be Stored?

Examples of some of the products stored in Enduramaxx bunded acid tanks are; Sulphuric acid, Hydrochloric acid, Hydrofluoric acid, Nitric acid, Sodium hypochlorite, Sodium hydroxide, Ammonia solution, Ferric sulphate and chloride, Aluminium sulphate and Polymers. Other plastic bunded tank applications include storage of Admix and Construction admixtures, Caustic Soda Tanks, Deicer Tanks, Sodium Hydrochloride Tanks & Sodium Hydroxide Tanks.

These self-supporting rotationally moulded one-piece tanks come in a large range of sizes and capacities, with the option to choose between a flat bottom, conical base or double-wall bunded tanks.  Our bespoke concept allows us to tailor-make tanks for the particular storage of the product to take into account chemical resistance, temperature requirements and site conditions ensuring you a suitable product and piece of mind.

Enduramaxx Acid & Chemical Tanks

Our acid tanks are made from the highest-grade materials using the latest technologies in rotationally moulded UV stabilisation, ensuring excellent resistance. The high specification design of every product plastic chemical tank meets the solution to any requirement.  Our bunded tanks are all fully WRAS approved and DWI approved and meet the specific requirements of Regulation 31.

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