Plastic Storage Tanks

Enduramaxx Plastic Storage Tanks manufactured to hold chemicals and liquids with a specific gravity of up to 2 SG.  Available in 25 sizes, ranging from 50 litres to 30,000 litres, these plastic chemical tanks are engineered and constructed as a one-piece moulded tank with no joins or seams.

Working from a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), we can produce a chemical tank solution that will specifically suit the nature of the product. The plastic chemical tank range is manufactured with lifting lugs, overflow, inlet and outlet locations that can take up to 150mm fitting(s). We offer customisation to our clients to meet specific needs such as additional bulkheads, welded flanges and more.

Industrial Water & Chemical Storage Tanks

Industrial water and chemical tanks serve a variety of purposes. They need to be strong and non-reactive with the chemicals they contain. Enduramaxx plastic rotationally moulded tanks are made from polyethene (PE) or Polypropylene (PP) according to which chemicals are to stored, and they are UV stabilised to withstand many years of outside use.

Effluent Sludge Storage Tanks

Effluent Sludge Storage Tanks are available from either Polypropylene or High-Density Polyethylene which is selected to suit your specific application. Sludge is a thick soft mud or other viscous liquids that is typically the by-product of wastewater treatment, industrial wastewater solids and settled suspension from potable water treatment. It often contains various types of pathogens as well as heavy contaminants, in the case of industrial waste, chemical pollutants. Sludge contaminated by chemical pollutants or heavy metals, demands complex treatment.

Chemical Dosing & Bund Tanks

Chemical Dosing tanks are available from 50 Litres up to 1500 Litres. Each dosing tank has a screw fitting lid and a flat section on top of the tank. This can be used for mounting equipment including chemical dosing pumps, mixers, & instrumentation.  Each size of the dosing tank can be supplied with a bunded tank which provides a minimum of 110% containment should the dosing tank becoming compromised. These bunds are an HSE requirement for many chemical storage tank applications.

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