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Industrial Water Tanks

Our Industrial Water Tanks are available from 50 to 30,000 litres with increased wall thickness for liquids of specific gravities of up to 1.5 SG – 2 SG. These plastic water tanks are rotationally moulded from PE and PP and used as a potable water tank, rainwater harvesting tank, and suitable for storing a wide range of different chemicals. These tanks are UV stabilised for many years of outside use.

Heavy Duty Water Tanks

These water tanks are used across a range of industries for chemical dosing tanks, food, machine and system engineering. These tanks are suitable for liquid feed industries as well as commercial wras approved water storage, rainwater harvesting systems and ultra-pure water storage.

These popular tanks are single price moulded tanks and can be interlinked up to capacities of 120,00 litres using flanged connections. These tanks are quicker to install than traditional galvanised steel water storage tank and are used on commercial liquid feeding systems, water dowsing systems, construction water bowser and for treating waste and recycled water.

Popular Sizes – 1,050 Litre | 1,500 Litre | 2,000 Litre | 5,000 Litre | 10,000 Litre | 15,000 Litre | 20,000 Litre | 25,000 Litre | 30,000 LItre

Equipment Mounting, Pipework and Customisation

These industrial tanks are available with customised fittings and flanges from BSP inlets and outlets to PN16 and ANSI flanges, welded sockets, and overflow pipework.  Additional vents, liquid level sensor assemblies for monitoring the water level, tanker fill pipes and suction pipes are available terminating in BSP and flanged connections. Bolt down feet are available to bolt the tank in place.

Industrial Mixer / Water Tanks

These mdpe medium density polyethene tanks are also suitable for use as a mixer tank. From a 250 litre dosing mixer tank to a 30,000-litre sludge treatment tank, these industrial mixers are specified to each individual application and designed to go with mixer bridges.

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