Rainwater Harvesting And Storage Tanks

Enduramaxx Rainwater Harvesting Tanks are designed for both domestic and commercial applications. Rainwater harvesting tanks, known as vertical storage tanks or water storage tanks, provide the water storage element for Rainwater Harvesting Systems. Available in 40 sizes, from 150 litres to 30,000 litres.

All Enduramaxx rainwater tanks are made from one-piece, rotationally moulded medium density polyethene, meaning there are minimal installation and assembly costs compared to traditional, sectional metal tanks. Tanks are available as above-ground rainwater tanks or underground rainwater harvesting tanks.

Enduramaxx rainwater harvesting filters prevent trash, moss and leaves from entering your rainwater harvesting tank.  Available as a basket filter or self-cleaning filter, there is a filter to suit every roof size whether it is a domestic house, an agricultural barn or a commercial factory. Take a look at our free rainwater harvesting guide!

Popular Sizes – 1,000 Litre | 1,500 Litre | 2,000 Litre | 5,000 Litre | 10,000 Litre | 15,000 Litre | 20,000 Litre | 25,000 Litre | 30,000 LItre

Enduramaxx Rainwater Harvesting tanks are most commonly used:


1) Agricultural

Harvesting from grain store, livestock and machinery shed run off e.g. for filling sprayer tanks with natural soft water, for pressure washing, for dairy wash down, for livestock watering.

2) Commercial/Industrial

Harvesting from commercial /industrial buildings to delivery greywater systems for flushing toilets and a number of applications for washing and cooling


1) Garden Watering

Above and underground water tanks fitted with a pump and filter can provide water supplies for dry spring and summer months.

2) Car Washing

A hosepipe will use around 10 litres per minute while washing the car while a domestic bucket may hold 15 litres of water.  A full 800 litre slimline home and garden water rain water harvesting tank would wash a car approx 8 times.

3) Filling Ponds & Other Garden Features

Chlorine-free rainwater is softer than mains water and kinder to wildlife.

4) Flushing Toilets

The most common use of rainwater is for toilet flushing. Toilets can use up to 13 litres per flush with modern ones using as little as 4 litres. Depending on the usage the average person in the UK could flush over 30 litres down the toilet every day, which can soon mount up in households.

5) Clothes Washing

Harvested rainwater is excellent for washing clothes in hard water areas. Naturally, soft rainwater will use less detergent and prevents the build-up of limescale prolonging the life of the washing machine.

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