Rain Water Tanks

Providing the water storage for both domestic and commercial rain water harvesting systems, our range of above and below ground rainwater tanks are from 180 to 10,000 litres (underground) and 150 to 30,000 above ground. Multiple tanks can be connected in series to increase capacity by linking tanks through simple connection kits.

The efficient collection of rainwater can help reduce your water usage and, if you are on a meter, cut down on your utility bill.

In the UK, rainwater is not considered suitable for drinking, bathing, or food preparation even though it is filtered before being transferred to the containing tank. (See Rainwater Harvesting Filter Kits)

Domestic Rainwater Harvesting

A domestic rainwater harvesting system can be used for laundry, watering gardens, toilet flushing and cleaning. An efficient rainwater harvesting system can help reduce costs by as much as 50% when it is combined with other water-saving measures. Water recycling systems often require a header tank to provide a steady supply of water. From a 500 litre slimline water tank or water butt saving water has not been easier.

Popular Sizes – 1,000 Litre | 1,500 Litre | 2,000 Litre | 5,000 Litre | 10,000 Litre | 15,000 Litre | 20,000 Litre | 25,000 Litre | 30,000 LItre

Commercial Rainwater Harvesting Systems

For a commercial building, businesses and industries buildings, the uses of round rainwater tanks for rainwater harvesting include laundry, washdown, cooling, dust suppression and washdown.

Water for businesses is becoming an increasingly expensive proposition with sewerage and trade effluent charges rising. Depending on the current consumption and water quality required, an efficient rainwater recycling system can help reduce mains drinking water consumption by as much as 50% when it is combined with other water-saving measures.

Colour Options

Tanks in colour options other than black, such as blue, natural, and dark green, are considered as bespoke items and are non-refundable.  Similarly, non-standard outlets are also non-refundable.

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