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Drinking Water Inspectorate Water Regulations – Regulation 31

The Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) under the umbrella of the UK Government’s DEFRA (Department for Environmental, Food and Rural Affairs) states that; “Protection of public health of consumers through safeguarding the quality of drinking water is a key aspect of the drinking water quality regulatory framework

Drinking Water Inspectorate Water – Regulation 31 ensures that water suppliers, when producing and distributing drinking water, only use products and substances that do not cause any detrimental effects on the safety or quality of the drinking water”.

These Regulations came into effect in England in 2016 in order to comply with Article 10 of the Council of the European Union Drinking Water Directive (DWD) and applies to England and Wales. It covers all chemicals and construction products used by drinking water providers from the water’s source to the delivery point at individual consumers’ premises. Scotland and Northern Ireland are covered under their own legislation which mirrors that of England and Wales and suppliers of products and chemicals authorised by the DWI under Regulation 31 are also authorised under Scotland’s Regulation 33 and Northern Ireland’s Regulation 30.

Many of the tanks manufactured by Enduratank are now listed on the DWI approval register meaning that they are fully DWI Regulation 31 approved. Enduratank offer rotationally moulded polyethylene potable water tanks in numerous sizes ranging in capacity from 150 litres up to 30,000 litres and in an additional 5 sizes as combination tanks from 40,000 litres up to 90,000 litres.

Range of Enduratank's WRAS Approved Potable Water Tanks

Enduramaxx’s potable water tanks are also WRAS approved and are supplied with a Bye-law 30 kit (Bye-law 60 in Scotland) and can be fitted with an AB Air Gap as an optional extra. Our Potable Water Tanks are constructed, in our factory in Lincolnshire, from mid density food grade polyethylene granules using the latest in seamless, rotationally moulded technology which guarantees strength, impact resistance and durability. The tanks are available in black or blue only, are UV stabilised and carry a 10 year guarantee.


Regulation 31 Approval Document (England and Wales)

Regulation 33 Approval Letter (Scotland)

Regulation 30 Approval Letter (Northern Ireland)

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