Rainwater Harvesting Filters

Rainwater filters are important to make the water usable in any rainwater harvesting system and are used to filter debris from the rain-water as it flows from the collection roof before it enters the storage tank.  These rainwater harvesting filters prevent the leaves and moss entering the tank and save a build-up of sediment in the tanks.  These rainwater filters have 2 inlets for incoming water which are 4″  and 6″ on the larger 800m2 roof area filter.  On the 450m2 and 800m2 roof filters have an overflow taking the leaves and moss away to a drain or soakaway and an outlet in the bottom of the filter for water to enter the storage tank.  Rainfall statistics for your location are available to view on the Met Office website.

The diverted water runs down to the bottom of the tank and fills the tank through the claimed it from the bottom. This oxygenates the water in the tanks and helps prevents it from stagnating.  When the tank is full the overflow siphon diverts the excess water to a drain or soakaway. The siphon design draws dust and pollen which may be on the water surface first.

These rainwater harvesting tank filters are suitable for new and existing rainwater storage tanks.

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