Clarifier / Clarification Tanks For Wastewater Treatment

Enduramaxx’s Clarifier / Clarification Tanks are used for the continuous mechanised removal of suspended solids or solid particles from a liquid. These plastic water tanks, or conical clarification tanks or clarification cone bottom tanks are available in a range of sizes. open top clarifier water treatment is part of the primary water treatment process to remove solids.

What Is The Clarification Process?

Primary (mechanical) treatment/Clarification is designed to remove gross, suspended particles and floating solids from raw sewage or waste water. It includes screening or a weir to trap solid objects and sedimentation by gravity to remove suspended solids. This level is sometimes referred to as “mechanical treatment“, through chemicals.

Primary treatment through a clarification tank can reduce the BOD (biological oxygen demand) of the incoming wastewater by 20-30% and the total suspended solids by some 50-60%. Primary treatment is usually the first stage of wastewater treatment Enduramaxx Cone tanks make ideal primary treatment tanks.

Settled solids fall to the cone on the tank and can be pumped away as sludge. From these clarifier water treatment tanks, water and wastewater is pumped into storage tanks in the wastewater treatment plant.

Primary Treatment Through Sedimentation

The primary treatment of sewage is the removal of floating and settleable solids through sedimentation. Primary clarifiers reduce the content of suspended solids as well as the pollutant embedded in the suspended solids. Because of a large amount of reagent necessary to treat domestic wastewater, preliminary chemical coagulation and flocculation are generally not used.

Coagulation and flocculation tanks are used in a compact treatment plant (also called a “package treatment plant”), or for further polishing of the treated water.

Secondary Clarifiers

Sedimentation tanks called “secondary clarifiers” remove flocs of biological growth created. Some methods of secondary treatment including activated sludge, trickling filters and rotating biological contactors.

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