5,000 Litre Clarification Tank

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5,000 Litre Clarification Tank Features

  • Dimensions (mm) 1920 dia x 3330 h (including frame)
  • Supplied as standard with a 4” PN16 drain in cone
  • 4” PN16 in side of cone
  • 4” inlet pipe – other inlet/outlet options available
  • Inner Tube c/w support bars
  • Available in black, boat blue, dark green or natural colour
  • 100% rust proof
  • UK manufactured
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Please note: Tank sizes quoted are subject to a +/- 3% variation

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5,000 Litre Clarification Tank

This 5,000 Litre Clarification Tank used is used in primary water treatment requiring settlement. Clarification of liquids or the bulk removal of solids from wastewater is used in conjunction with a settlement tank. In a clarifier tank, coagulation and flocculation reagents may be added to the liquid to be clarified. The reagents cause the suspended particles to clump together. These form a sludge, which can be removed from the tank leaving a clarified solution.

The Clarification Process

Clarifiers are settling tanks used in wastewater treatment, dirty water (contaminated liquid) enters the clarifier tank from the top via a central pipe. As the water speed slows, suspended solids from the liquid sink to the base of the cone.

The clean water rises to the top of the tank and flows over launder rings into an outer ‘liner’ from where it is piped away. Lighter particles that float on the liquid are called scum and are held back by the saw tooth launder around the top of the tank.

Solid particles which sick to the bottom of the tank concentrate over time and these larger denser particles can be flush down a PN16 drain flange at the base of the cone. The sludge, settled solids and concentrated impurities discharged can be taken away for further treatment.

The treated water is often taken to the next part of the wastewater treatment plant where finely suspended particles are treated.

Popular uses include:

  • Settlement or sludge tanks
  • Processing tanks
  • Water treatment tanks
  • Clarification tank
  • Metal precipitation
  • Decantation

Constructed using corrosion resistant, UV stabilised mid-density food-grade polyethene and designed the liquids up to a Specific Gravity of 1.5. A heavy-duty galvanised support frame together with a top fitting mixing unit is supplied as standard (as the image above).

Additional information

Dimensions1920 × 1920 × 3300 mm
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