Static Water Bowser Fittings

Static water Bowsers are used to store clean water for site welfare blocks for uses including toilet flushing, hand washing and showering. Waste effluent tanks are also used for storage tanker of waste from welfare blocks and fitted Bauer connections and mushroom vents for tanker collection. Water for construction sites is also used for a soakaway or percolation testing and concrete manufacturing. Concrete batching plants often store water in 10,000, 20,000 & 30,000-litre tanks to act as header tanks as large volumes required to keep the concrete production running smoothly. Water for vehicle wheel washing can be a vital part of containing mud contamination from site onto the public highway, water for ballast for burying tanks underground when pouring concrete.

Other uses for these static water bowsers include no dig drilling and horizontal drilling which bulk water is used to create mud slurry to flush unwanted slurry when drilling. Water is also used for water tanks for dust suppression, we also have available a range of site and road tow dust suppressions bowsers from 500 to 10000 litres engineered to meet the challenges of dust suppression on construction sites, car parks etc

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