Plastic Meal Bin & Silos for Meal

Plastic Meal Bin manufactured from rotationally moulded plastic are available in several capacities up to 1600 litres. These UK manufactured meal bins are the perfect solution for storing meal on the farm and can be easily transported or moved by fork attachments.

These plastic meal bins and feed storage bins are fitted with a weatherproof (optional lockable lid) plastic lid to prevent rodents access and mounted on a galvanised metal frame.

Plastic Feed Silo Tanks

Silo tanks (IBC Tanks or Intermediate Bulk Container Tanks) for storing dry powders, pellets, and granules. Enduramaxx feed bins tanks have a consistent wall thickness for many years of use and suitable for high quality for a wide range of bulk feeds. Feed is emptied from the butterfly valve in the bottom of the tank making these storage tanks ideal for bulk storage of feed in agriculture and equine.

  • Animal feeds
  • Grain
  • Food and grain products
  • Minerals

Storage Silo Tanks with Heavy Duty Frames

These vertical silo tanks are supplied as standard with a heavy-duty, galvanised steel support frame. Optional casters and stainless steel frames are available upon request.

You can see our full range of  IBC totes and hoppers online.

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