Bespoke & Specialist Storage Tanks

Enduramaxx manufactures a wide variety of Specialist & Bespoke Tanks plastic storage tanks for industry range from tanks for aquaculture and foodstuffs to compost tea brewer tanks, flocculation tanks and v-notch weir tanks. Bespoke tanks for acid picking and dipping tanks can be fabricated tanks made to fit as well as rotationally moulded round brine tanks, settlement tanks and plastic silo tanks for granules and liquids.

Specialist Conical Tanks, Mixing Tanks & Vertical Tanks

Ranging from mixer tanks for the water and chemical industry to Adblue dispensing systems, these plastic storage tanks are available for a range of applications. Available in a variety of sizes these tanks are engineered and constructed as a one-piece moulded tank with no joins or seams.

Conical cone bottom tanks are used as brewery tanks, beer tanks, production of biofuel tank as well as a settling tank or sedimentation tanks for the water treatment industry. Other uses include chemical mixing tanks with industrial mixers for treatment of water with suspended solids, polymer mixing and chemical mixing dosing tanks.

Dished base settlement and sludge tanks are available with a range of fittings, flanges, pipework and mixers.

Specialist Food Grade Hoppers & IBCS

Being food grade plastic, these tanks can be used for food stuffs, storage silos, IBC tanks and hopper tanks for solids and pellets. Also available for use as an intermediate bulk container ibc.

Vertical tanks for liquid fertiliser tanks, molasses tanks, temporary effluent waste storage tanks. Brine tanks are available for use with water softeners.

Bespoke Tanks

Our bespoke plastic tanks are used as aquaculture tanks as fish farming tanks and made from the highest-grade materials. Our rotationally moulded UV stabilised tanks ensuring excellent resistance for many years of use with chemicals of a range of specific gravities. As a result, the high specification design of every bespoke plastic tank guarantees the exact solution to any requirement.

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