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Floodwash Tanks

Floodwash tanks setups significantly reduce the labour required to clean cattle yards, piggeries, feed pads and farm sheds. In a well-designed system, cleaning is very effective and water use is contained.

These water reuse systems use either freshwater, water from the plate cooler or storm-water or water which has already been used.

Accelerated Cleaning Rate

The main benefit of a floodwash water tank system is an accelerated cleaning rate delivered to a defined area or down flush alleys. Hosing, by comparison, delivers a lot less, and as a manually delivered method hosing does not offer the same degree of water dosage control. As a labour-saving alternative, flood wash tank systems are very attractive and often adopted at new dairies.

These flush systems are capable of fitting a wide range of pipe sizes providing a massive flow of fresh water to clean, allowing you to save time and money. These tanks are fitted with PN16 type flanged connections up to 18” bore and can either be controlled by manual or electronic valves.

How Flood Wash Systems Work

Flood wash systems work best in single slope yards with no crossflow. Flood wash systems are the ultimate in high volume, low-pressure cleaning systems ad stored volume of water is released from the top of the yard and sweeps the yard clean in one go.

However there are a number of different ways to flood wash holding yards, two examples are elevated tanks in the yard or on the roof or subsurface risers.

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