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Plastic Pellet & Material Silos

Enduramaxx’s Plastic pellet silos & plastic material silo tanks are used as part of initiatives to reduce plastic loss to the environment. Increasingly users are moving towards reusable industrial food-safe containers for the storage of raw material for the storage of dry powders, pellets & granules and ingredients.

These high-quality plastic silos can help avoid raw material losses that arise from moving bags or spills from hoppers during refilling.

Plastic Pellet / Granule Silo Tanks

These plastic pellets & granule silo tanks have smooth inner walls reducing the chance of condensation within the tank. These plastic foodstuff storage silo tanks are used for; Dry Salt, Animal Feeds, Grain, Lime, Plastic Pellets, Granular Fertilisers, Food and Grain Products, Minerals and Aggregates, plastic granules for the plastic industry and many other dry products.

These food storage tanks are manufactured from food-safe / food-grade material for bulk storage and food processing.

Plastic Pellet / Resin Storage Silos

Out plastic moulded silos for plastic pellet/resin storage are by resin producers, processors, compounders, system integrators and end-users. Hopper slopes are available from 30-60 degrees with the optional mass flow and manually operated slide valves. These moulded PE welded silos are structurally tough and available with ladders, high and low-level indicator mounts, vents and side manways access hatches.

If the application you require isn’t listed please get in touch with us today. We are sure we can assist.

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