Conical Water Treatment Tanks

Conical Water Treatment Tanks are a key component in a wastewater treatment system. The treatment tank reaction vessel is where the wastewater is mixed with flocculants or chemicals to cause the suspended solids in the wastewater to clump together to make flocs.

Wastewater treatment tank is generally fitted with a top-mounted mixer to speed up the reaction time within the tank. When these solids to clump together (flocs), they sink to the bottom of the cone of the conical settlement tanks which enables the sludge to be drained when required.

These conical treatment tanks are generally used in wastewater treatment plant for batch processing wastewater from equalisation tanks.

The quality of the wastewater varies according to the industry, for example, food and drink manufacturers produce a lot of fats, oils, and greases with water high in COD content, whereas vegetable washings create wastewater that will have a high level of silt and suspended solids in the wastewater.

The industrial water treatment tanks have walls that are extra thick to cope with specific gravities of 1.5 SG – 2 SG. They are available in Polyethylene (PE) and Polypropylene Plastic (PP) materials for storing different chemicals and can be customised with fittings and flanges. The tanks are corrosive resistant and UV stabilised to withstand many years of outside use.

Conical Reaction Vessels

These tanks are generally used for batch processing wastewater from equalisation tanks. As with all mixer tanks, baffles aid the mixing in the tank as they break up the effects of vortexing in the tank.  Other uses include Conical Reaction Vessels and Conical Tanks for ph. Balance Neutralization Systems.

Conical Water Tanks

Enduramaxx cone bottom tanks provide a unique solution with choices of a 5, 15, 30, 45 and 60-degree cone. This cone angle ensures maximum performance, with even the most viscous liquids not building up inside the tank. The cone tank advantages with the stepper angle of the cone have been tested and proved as most effective for solids settling and solids separation applications.

These cone tanks are available in black, green or natural colours for wastewater treatment processes. This high quality, corrosion-resistant range of polyethene tanks are UK manufactured and often supplied direct from stock for fast delivery.

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