Chemical Tank Bund 

A chemical tank bund provides an additional layer of containment to a dosing tank. This prevents the contents of the tank from entering a watercourse or contaminating the land should the tank become compromised. They are important considering the nature of the chemical agents that can be stored in a dosing tank. 

This allows the full contents of a dosing tank to be contained with the bund should the dosing tank itself become mechanically compromised due to rupturing or damage, as well as contain a spillage should any of the fittings become broken, loose or problems with dosing pumps in swimming pool storage applications.  

Chemical Tank and Bunds 

Each bund is designed to work with one of our dosing tanks. For example – the 172701 100 litre chemical dosing tank has 100-litre capacity and is designed to stand inside the 172701-bund which holds 110 litre which is 110% of the 172701 100 litre dosing tank capacity. 

The bunds are oversized is so that they can contain the full contents of the tank should it become comprised as well as allow for easy emptying of the bund.  If the dosing tank or chemical day tanks has any equipment mounted at its base – such as a flooded suction kit, inlets/outlets, or other equipment then we recommend looking at the larger to accommodate the equipment. 

PE Moulded Bunds 

Each bund tank in our range is manufactured in uv stabilised, chemically resistant MDPE to ensure that it is compatible with a wide range of chemical reagents. Please get in touch if you’d like to check the compatibility of the chemicals being stored with MDPE including sodium hypochlorite. 

These are all manufactured with a rolled over edge to ensure greater mechanical strength, improve the robustness of the bund and give a smooth edge. 

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