Livestock Watering Bowsers

Animal Drinking Bowsers, the carrier has a tough mounted on a galvanised chassis to transport needed water to the livestock for farms that do not have to the cross public highway.  The water trailer is fitted with low ground pressure floatation tyres for use over the undulating ground to enable good ground clearance and a fully welded chassis to ensure it is strong for those rough terrains.  The drinking cart can be towed by a compact tractor or similar vehicles.

The larger Animal Drinking Bowser trailer are fitted with rear stabilising drop stands to make sure the trailer does not tip when an animal is drinking from the trough. The trough has a self fill feature refilling as the livestock drink. It’s a perfect way to supply animals with water as cows, sheep, deer and horses.

These livestock drinking water browsers are suitable for the safe on-farm storage of water and includes a small trough for easy drinking for livestock. These potable water bowsers and provide in-field solutions where no mains water connection is available and ideal for fields and paddocks when animals are away from their main feeding area. The bowser should be located under shade wherever possible to prevent water warming and becoming unappealing to the animals.

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