Sodium Chloride Tanks

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Sodium Chloride Tank Specification

  • Rotationally moulded tank
  • Single wall and double wall bunded tanks options
  • Customized with BSP and flanged options
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Sodium Chloride Tanks

Sodium Chloride Tanks for Sodium Chloride – used in the food, engineering and for highways for storage and production of brine.   Brine is a solution of salt and water and generally refers to Sodium Chloride (NaCl) and water (H2O).  These brine tanks are widely used in industry and electrolysis will produce a number of chemicals including Chlorine (Cl), Hydrogen (H)and Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH).  Sodium Hydroxide is used in the food industry, the manufacture of paper and also the water and wastewater sectors.  Other uses include as a de-icing fluid on public roads by local authorities.  Enduramaxx’s range of Brine Tanks comes in sizes from 100 litres up to 30,000 litres.

Brine Tanks For Food & Fish Processing

Brining is the process of applying brine to food and often used in cooking and the production of some foods.  Brining is often used in cooking meat and poultry as the meat is soaked in a brine solution for a period. This process helps the cooked meat stay moist by hydrating the cells of its muscle tissue before cooking through osmosis.

Brine Tanks For Road De-icing

Standard brine is a simple mixture of water and NaCL salt and often a salt brine is capable of being applied at temperatures as low as -20°C without freezing. For lower temperatures Calcium Chloride CaCl capable of temperatures as low as -50°C.

Brine Storage Tanks

Enduramaxx’s Brine Storage Tanks are available for processing and storage. Bunded tanks have been specifically designed with pollution control in mind. Selected for integral protection from leakage and overfilling. These plastic tanks are constructed using rotationally moulded mid-density polyethene.  These bunded tanks contain a minimum 110% volume of the inner tank. Simply put, a bunded tank is a ‘tank within a tank’ that helps customers conform to current health and safety legislation.

Enduramaxx tanks can be customised including the fitting of  Fluid Category 5 AB Gap turrets for connecting to the mains.  These bunded tanks are available with options including liquid level sensor assemblies, and tanker fill pipes.  A range of fittings including PN16 and ANSI flanges, welded sockets and as well as fume proof lids and vents.

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