Admix Admixture Storage Tanks

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Admix Admixture Storage Tanks

Enduramaxx’s Admix Admixture Storage Tanks are designed for the storage of construction industry additives used in ready-mix, precast concrete batching plants and manufactured concrete products. The natural colour tank is translucent for easy viewing of tank contents level. Other size options are available, please contact us for details.

What are Fluid Chemical Admixtures (Admix)?

Chemical admixtures are materials that are added to the concrete to give it certain characteristics not obtainable with normal concrete mixes. In normal use, admixture dosages are less than 5% by mass of cement and are added to the concrete at the time of batching/mixing. There 8 main uses or types of admixture for the concrete industry which we manufacture admix storage tanks for.

  1. Accelerators speed up the hydration (hardening) of the concrete. However, the use of chlorides may cause corrosion in steel reinforcing and is prohibited in some countries, so that nitrates may be favoured. Accelerating admixtures are especially useful for modifying the properties of concrete in cold weather.
  2. Retarders slow the hydration of concrete and are used in large or difficult pours where partial setting before the pour is complete is undesirable.
  3. Air entraining agents add and entrain tiny air bubbles in the concrete, which reduces damage during freeze-thaw cycles, increasing durability. However, entrained air entails a trade-off with strength, as each 1% of air may decrease compressive strength 5%. If too much air becomes trapped in the concrete as a result of the mixing process, defoamers can be used to encourage the air bubble to agglomerate, rise to the surface of the wet concrete and then disperse.
  4. Plasticisers increase the workability of plastic or “fresh” concrete, allowing it to be placed more easily, with less consolidating effort. A typical plasticiser is lignosulfonate. Plasticisers can be used to reduce the water content of a concrete while maintaining workability and are sometimes called ‘water-reducers’ due to this use. Such treatment improves its strength and durability characteristics through storage in admix storage tanks.
  5. Pigments can be used to change the colour of concrete, for aesthetics.
  6. Corrosion inhibitors are used to minimize the corrosion of steel and steel bars in concrete.
  7. Bonding agents are used to create a bond between old and new concrete (typically a type of polymer) with wide temperature tolerance and corrosion resistance.
  8. Pumping aids improve pumpability, thicken the paste and reduce separation and bleeding.

Bunded Admixture Storage Tanks

Enduramaxx’s bunded Admix Storage Tanks are available up to 15,000 litres for the processing and storage of bulk liquid admixture. These bunded tanks have been specifically designed with pollution control in mind. Selected for integral protection from leakage and overfilling. These plastic tanks are constructed using rotationally moulded mid-density polyethene.

These bunded tanks contain a minimum 110% volume of the inner tank. Simply put, a bunded tank is a ‘tank within a tank’ which helps customers conform to current health and safety legislation.

Enduramaxx also has a range of bulk water tanks up to 100,000 litres for concrete plants which include Fluid Category 5 AB Gap. There is also a range of Fluid category 5 AB air approved tanks for connecting to the mains.  These bunded admixture tanks are available with options including industrial mixers, well as liquid level sensor assemblies, and tanker fill pipes.  A range of fittings including PN16 and ANSI flanges, welded sockets and as well as fume proof lids and vents.

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