Mushroom Vent

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Mushroom Vent

Mushroom vents, a crucial factor impacting the safe operation of a poly chemical storage tank and maximizing it’s life is proper and safe venting of the tank.

Polyethene chemical storage tanks require the correct installation for two essential reasons – venting  – ensures the safe operation of the tank and the chemicals stored within the tank and secondly – proper installation is vital to maximizing the life of the chemical storage tank.

Venting capacity must equal or exceed Air Cubic Feet per Minute coming from tanker truck for an adequate margin of safety and increased tank life.

Enduramaxx has solutions for the safe venting of chemical storage tanks. A Mushroom Vent which is perfect for tanks that vent directly to the atmosphere. These vents are available as 4” and 6” vents.

Proper Venting Extends Chemical Storage Tanks Life, the importance of venting is overlooked as a very important step that promotes tank longevity.  Polyethene tanks are rated at atmospheric pressure/vacuum. Adequate vent size is always based on flow and delivery rates so it is important to gather the following information to adequately determine the proper venting requirements:

  1. Is the tank to be filled pneumatically?
  2. Is the tank to be vented into the atmosphere?
  3. Is a fume scrubbing system to be used? (in which case we would need to offer a flanged connection rather than a mushroom vent)
  4. Are vent screens to be used (restricts flow)?
  5. Does the mushroom vent need to have a filter to prevent the ingress of dirt, dust and insects?

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4" Fabricated Extended Mushroom Vent, 6" Fabricated Extended Mushroom Vent

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