Filter Collector

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  • Filter unit fits ALL UK down pipes from 65 mm – 110 mm (round and square)
  • Once tank is full, filter acts as overflow outlet
  • Compatible with all water butts when using a Universal Link Kit
  • Filter cartridge easily removable for cleaning
  • Designed for roof sizes up to a maximum of 90 sq metres
  • Outlet adapter fits 1 ¼” and 2” hosepipes.
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The Rainwater Filter Collector can connect to any storage tank or water butt using a universal link kit. Attached to the down pipe the Filter Collector directs cleaned water to the storage tank whilst dirty water and debris travel down the down pipe to the sewer. By removing leaves the filter reduces the risk of disease carry-over. It also removes sludge leading to reduced algae in the storage tank/water butt.

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