20,000 Litre Cone Tank 30° Cone

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20,000 Litre Closed Top Cone Tank Specification

  • Dimensions (mm) 2850 dia x 4000 h without frame & x 4754 h with frame – Lid: 620mm
  • Brimfull capacity 21,500 litres
  • Racking port available as an optional extra
  • Available in black, boat blue, dark green or natural colour
  • 100% rust proof  UK manufactured – 10 year guarantee

Please note: Tank sizes quoted are subject to a +/- 3%

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20,000 Litre Cone Tank 30° Cone

20,000 Litre Cone Tank known as conical or cone bottom tanks used in applications requiring settlement or to address concerns with vortexing. Clarification of liquids or the bulk removal of solids from wastewater and suspended solids.

These full drain tanks give complete drainage of tank contents for quality control and are often used for sludge thickening water reduction processes in wastewater and dewatering processes for sludge. In wastewater and sludge treatments coagulation, chemical treatment flocculation, pH control and dewatering and mixing work more effectively in conical tanks.

The sloped base helps eliminate particulate and these tanks are suitable for food applications, brewery and batch mixing of the product when completely draining the tank is an advantage.

20,000 litre cone bottom tank popular uses: 

  • Conical fermenters for Beer & Cider brewing
  • Brewing Tank
  • Craft brewing tanks
  • Winemaking
  • Biodiesel and other Oil Treatment Processes
  • Food Industry
  • Mixing systems and blending
  • Industrial holding and mix tank storage
  • Processing tank & water storage tank
  • Settlement tank or sludge tanks
  • Processing tanks
  • Water treatment tanks
  • Chemical tank
  • Clarification tank

These tanks are manufactured from corrosion-resistant, UV stabilised high-density food-grade polyethene. The rotationally moulding process gives a consistent wall thickness giving a tank designed for liquids up to a 1.5 Specific Gravity. A choice of vented or non vented lids and an open-top tank is available.

Equipment Mounting and Customisation 

Each cone bottom tank is offered with chemical tank options including industrial mixers, conductivity assemblies as well as liquid level sensor assemblies, and fill pipes. Other fittings and modifications including inlets, outlets, PN16 and ANSI flanges, welded socketsfume proof lids and vents are available.

Polypropylene Cone Tanks 

These cone tanks are available manufactured from polypropylene. Polypropylene is a high impact chemical resistant material generally used for aggressive acids or oxidising chemicals.  These polypropylene cone tanks are available in black and natural and priced upon request.

Bunds & Secondary Containment  

Open and closed bunds to provide compliance with Health & Safety legislation for containment in the event of the tank becoming compromised. This is available to purchase online here.

How big is a 20,000 Litre 30° Closed Top Cone Tank?

Capacity 20,000 Litres 
Diameter 2850mm
Lid 620mm  

Additional information

Dimensions2850 × 2850 mm
Colour Options

Black, Natural, Boat Blue, Dark Green

Capacity (Litres)

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