Gantry’s & Plant Engineering

Gantry’s & Plant Engineering – with the suitability of rotationally moulded tanks with many chemicals, Enduramaxx work in many industries including;

Water & Wastewater Treatment

  • Dosing of additives for livestock and the swimming pool industry
  • Wastewater treatmentneutralization plants for the adjustment of pH level of wastewater in which many installers require the vertical tanks, clarification and conical tanks as well as vertical tanks for the storage of processed water. Depending on the application, the specific gravity, flanges and pipework can be tailored to your project.

Biogas Industry

  • Biogas industry for bunded tanks for ferric chloride storage and conical vessels for fermentation residues. In these processes, the conical tank in the steel frames can be modified according to the customers’ needs with the installer being able to specify pipework inflows and outlets according to the project specification.

Food & Drinks

  • Food industry for silos for the storage of the hygienic and food-safe storage of liquids (e.g.: beverages, sauces, etc.) and solids (e.g.: almonds, nuts, etc.). These can be specified as standalone silos or as mixer vessels with mixers as required. Enduramaxx storage tanks and silos are suitable for foodstuffs (FDA) and for the storage of drinking water (WRAS).

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