Reagent Storage Tanks

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Reagent Storage Tank Specification

  • Rotationally moulded tank
  • Single wall and double wall bunded tanks options
  • Customized with BSP and flanged options
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Reagent Storage Tanks

Reagent Storage Tanks, a reagent is a substance or compound added to a system to cause a chemical reaction, Reactant and reagent are often used interchangeably, a reactant is more specifically a substance consumed in the course of a chemical reaction. These reagent storage tanks are designed to mee the high purity standards for reagents, reagent-quality water must have very low levels of impurities such as sodium and chloride ions.

Enduramaxx Reagent Tanks

These are used in many industries for water treatment, and in this application, the reagents are often corrosive.  These tanks are generally in continuous operation so these need to meet the requirements for chemical resistance.

Enduramaxx manufactures a number of industrial tanks are offered with options including liquid level sensor assemblies, and fill pipes,  fittings and modifications to suit your application including inlets, outlets, PN16 and ANSI flanges and plastic backing rings available to contact of metal with the liquids being stored as well as welded sockets and as well as fume proof lids and vents.

Bunded Chemical Storage

Enduramaxx is able to manufacture these reagent storage tanks as single-walled plastic tanks to install in bunds on-site, or double-wall bunded tanks giving 110% bund capacity of the internal tank.

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