Conical Treatment Tanks for Microalgae Water Treatment

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Tanks for Microalgae Water Treatment

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Conical Treatment Tanks for Microalgae Water Treatment

Conical treatment tanks for microalgae water treatment are used where microalgae are used for the treatment of effluent and wastewater.   These use the shallow cone bottom tanks which are more effective for water treatment, treated wastewater and settlement applications rather than the stepper cone tanks used for cultivating.

Microalgae Wastewater Remediation

These cone tanks are used as a remediation pond for the uptake of organic wastes, heavy metals or valorising a waste stream.  In these systems, producing the algae that work best reliably to achieve these actions is important as contaminant algae and algal grazers decrease pond performance decrease daily productivity.

Open tanks or ponds require a constant influx of algae to avoid function reliably as the microbiota of the algae will naturally shift, making the processes less efficient.

What is Waste Valorisation?

The term “waste valorisation” refers to any industrial processing activities aimed at reusing, recycling, or composting from wastes, useful products, or sources of energy. It usually takes the form of one of the following activities: processing of residue or by-products into raw materials, use of discarded finished or semifinished products as raw materials or energy sources, use of waste materials in manufacturing process stages, and addition of waste materials to finished products. Source

View our case study here with Industrial Phycology (I-Phyc) phosphorous removal in the final effluent at Broadwindsor Sewage Treatment Works

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Dimensions1400 × 800 × 1000 mm

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