Site Accommodation Effluent Tanks

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Site Accommodation Effluent Tanks

Enduramaxx Site Accommodation effluent tanks for the storage of wastewater and effluent from temporary installations where connection to mains sewer isn’t available.  Other uses for these tanks include sites in remote locations, motorway construction sites, camping, glamping and events.  These tanks are fitted with a low-level flanged outlet with a gate vale and Bauer tanker connection.  Filling the tanks is through the welded fill pipe which is available 2” – 6” terminating in a PN16 or BSP socket.  Access to the tank is through a 600mm lid on the top for the tank.  Sizes available from 1,000 to 30,000 litres available here.

Bunded Tanks or Double Walled Storage Tanks

To ensure legislative compliance these tanks may need to be bunded or double-walled storage tanks to offer protection should the tank become compromised. Details on these tanks are available here. This offers a number of advantages including offering a compliant chemical storage tank with a reduced footprint compared to a traditional bund tank and also prevents having to initiate civil works to create a permanent condiment pit or sump around a tank. Further guidance is available here for bunding requirements onsite.

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