Open Top Cone Tanks

Enduramaxx’s Open Top Cone tanks are available in a range of 25 sizes and are constructed so as to have a consistent wall thickness and chemical resistance. They are ideal for the blending of or containment of liquids. These plastic tanks are supplied as standard with a heavy-duty galvanised steel support frame, also available without frame.

A Unique Full Drain Solution

Enduramaxx cone bottom tanks provide a unique solution with choices of a 5, 15, 30, 45 and 60-degree cone. This cone angle ensures maximum performance, with even the most viscous liquids not building up inside the tank. The stepper angle of the cone has also been tested and proved as most effective for solids settling and solids separation applications.

Conical Settlement Tanks

The conical tank is designed for containment of liquids up to 1.5 SG. All tanks come with a lid which can be vented or non – vented. A heavy-duty galvanised steel support frame is supplied as standard, also available without frame.  These are also used as settlement tanks (sludge tank) ensuring effective removal of suspended solids from wastewater providing a large settlement area within a small footprint.

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