Cross link polyethylene, also referred to as XLPE,  cross linking polymer and cross linked polymer, is a material containing additives, usually peroxide based which, when reaching an activation temperature during manufacture, undergoes a chemical reaction which causes strong chemical bonds (cross links) to form. At Enduramaxx we use  Matrix Revolve XL400  polymer. The chemical bonds formed in this process significantly alter the nature of the material. The material changes from being a thermoplastic into a thermosetting resin with the consequent mechanical and physical properties being far better than any conventional linear low density polyethylene.

The impact performance and resistance to flame of the XL400 is far superior to conventional polyethylene making the tank stronger and extremely tough during its operating life. Ideal for Industrial Chemical storage including Leachate and Condensate and with a chemical resistance to some hydrocarbons, a further advantage over steel tanks is that size for size Revolve XL400 tanks are a quarter of the weight thus ensuring easier transportation, handling and installation.

Enduratank is currently able to offer these Cross Linked Polymer Vertical Storage Tanks in 5 sizes ranging from 1250 litres up to 10000 litres and  10 different Cone Tanks from 250 litres to 5900 litres. Apart from their construction material these tanks are identical in dimension and features to Enduratank’s usual range of Vertical Tanks and Cone Tanks and carry a 10 year guarantee. For other size options talk to a member of our Sales Team.

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