Nitric Acid Tanks

Bunded Nitric Acid Storage Tanks, when fully concentrated, nitric acid (HNO3) is a clear acid with a sharp, pungent odour and is a highly corrosive, acid that is used for a number of purposes.

Nitric Acid is most commonly seen in the production of fertilizers for plants and grass, as it neutralises with ammonia to form ammonium nitrate. While normally clear, nitric acid turns into a brownish-yellowish solution when decomposed in water, nitrogen dioxide, and oxygen.  Other uses for nitric acid include woodworking, metal finishing, and sanitizing. The highly corrosive and oxidizing acid can also be used for dyes.

Storage of Nitric Acid

It is clear to see that nitric acid can be a dangerous chemical in use. Storing this chemical can be just as dangerous if it is not done properly.  As with all acids, the concentration of the solution often determines the limitations of storage solutions. The stronger the concentration, the more careful you must be with the chemical.

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