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Ferric Chloride Tanks – whilst commonly used as an etching agent during the production of electronic circuit boards, is predominantly used in the water industry as a flocculant during waste water treatment.  Ferric chloride is a iron coagulants are available as ferric sulphate, ferric chloride and ferrous sulphate. Ferric salts are very corrosive acidic liquids. Ferric sulphate is usually preferred to ferric chloride since the introduction of chloride ions may increase the corrosivity of a water.

Enduramaxx manufacture a number of vertical 1.5SG Industrial Tanks, Bunded Tanks and Chemical Dosing Tanks as suitable storage vessels for Caustic Soda. This inorganic compound begins to crystalise at a temperature of +7°C so it is important to maintain a storage temperature above this level so frequently heating coils are installed within tanks to facilitate this. Dependent upon the location of the storage vessel and the external ambient temperature, this method of temperature regulation can prove costly.

Enduramaxx Bunded Tanks for Ferric Chloride are available customised to your requirement with fittings, pipework and flanges.

Why Enduramaxx?

At Enduramaxx, as one of the UK’s leaders in the field of rotationally moulded high specification polyethylene tanks, we are continually striving to come up with innovative solutions and new products on behalf of the market sectors we serve.

Whilst Ferric Chloride and Caustic Soda are widely used across many   industrial and chemical environments one of the main users of these chemicals are those involved in the purification and/or treatment of water.

Geographically the world’s largest user of Ferric Chloride (FeCl3) is Western Europe where, mainly due to European legislation regarding clean water standards, it is used to remove impurities in water and also in waste water treatment where it is one of the few chemicals that can remove odours. Ferric Chloride causes flocculation of small particles within water which can then be removed

Enduramaxx’s 1.5SG WRAS approved Industrial Tanks and Bunded Tanks are an ideal storage solution for Ferric Chloride. Additionally our large range of Cone Tanks (250 litre to 30,000 litre capacities) with a variety of angled cones, are designed to allow flocculation and the easy removal of sediment.

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