Water and Mixer Bowser Trailers for Sprayer Operators

Water and Mixer Bowsers Trailers for Sprayer Operators

Premix Sprayers Bowsers and Skid Water Bowser for Spraying

Water space during the spraying season is always at a premium for sprayer operators and it requires good quality and efficient kit to get the job done.

Where there is a nearby water source, a bowser trailer can maintain the supply of water needed to make up a mix of the chemicals and return to the site in time to reload the sprayer. These bowsers also often have a small ‘clean’ tank for washing etc.

Typical trailer designs includes a large rear cabinet for chemicals and storage, as well as side lockers for more storage space. Pumps and other more delicate equipment are placed in the rear cabinet whilst hoses are stored neatly above the wheel arches.

Vegcraft Sprayer Bowsers and Mixer bowsers

Merrick Loggin with Enduratank Tank

Demount Sprayer and Mixer Bowsers for Water Tank Trailer Manufacturers

Working with trailer manufacturers such as Vegcraft and Merrick Loggin amongst others, Enduratank have developed a range of polyethylene (MDPE) bowser tanks for trailer manufacturers to offer in conjunction with their current range of water tank trailers. A wide range of sizes are offered from 500 litres to 13,000 litres.

Enduratank Demount Water Bowser

Enduratank Demount Water Bowsers

Our range of Demount Bowsers provide a quick and easy way to get fresh water to the location of your choice. The tanks have a large diameter ventilated lid at the top of the unit to enable easy filling. All sizes are easily mounted and demounted from trailer beds via the mounting plate.

Sizes range from 500 litre to 13,000 litre. Optional water pumps are available.

For more information or to talk to one of our experts call us on 01778 562 810.

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