Sludge Buffer Tanks

A sludge buffer tank can be used for a variety of purposes with the most common application is the blending and homogenization of highly concentrated primary, secondary or digested sludge.  Various solutions are used to mix the sludge itself based on the volume and type of sludge with the dosed thickening chemicals.  Transfer pumps are generally used for the sludge dewatering process.

Customised Sludge Settlement Tanks

In addition to providing bespoke sludge holding tanks and wastewater storage solutions for a diverse cross-section of clients, equipment mounting and customisation of these sludge tank include welded fittings, sockets and flanges. Racking ports allow draining of the water off the sludge while leaving the sediment in the bottom of the cone tank. Other options include industrial mixers liquid level sensor assemblies, fill pipes are available. PN16 and ANSI welded flanges, welded sockets and as well as airtight lids and vents are available to suit your project.

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