Conical Mixer Tanks

Enduramaxx Conical Mixer Tanks are a single piece construction and manufactured from high-density food grade polyethene our plastic mixer tanks permit easy viewing of content level in natural light. Our range of Conical Mixer Tanks is designed for containment of liquids up to 1.5 SG. All tanks come with a lid which can be vented or non – vented. The heavy-duty galvanised steel support frame is supplied as standard, also available without frame.

Conical Mixer vessels play a crucial role in material supply and product holding. In many instances, the temperature, pressure and equalisation of the substances contained within this vessel are vital for material durability, hygiene, safety and quality. Agitators are often applied to assist these processes. Bulk storage tanks are adopted by a range of industries, including chemical, petrochemical refining to pharmaceutical products.

Equipment mounting and customisation

Equipment mounting and customisation of these brewery tanks include welded fittings, sockets and flanges. Advantages of these welded fittings over traditional tank connections include easy cleaning as there are no gaskets or tank connector fittings in the tank to impede drainage or harbour germs. Racking ports allow draining of the beer, cider or wine while leaving the sediment in the bottom of the cone tank. Options including industrial mixers liquid level sensor assemblies, fill pipes are available. Other fittings including PN16 and ANSI flanges, welded sockets and as well as airtight lids and vents are available.

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