Industrial Mixer Tanks With Agitators

Enduramaxx’s industrial mixer tanks & agitators are used by many prestigious clients in the fields of process engineering, food, pharmaceuticals, breweries, soft drinks, paints, inks, resins, water and effluent treatments.

Enduramaxx’s industrial mixer vessels are manufactured from rotationally moulded polyethene which is long-lasting, chemical resistant and in many instances food safe for storage products.  A wide range of mixers is available to suit your project combining a variety of paddles with high shear and blending in a diverse range of applications.  Industrial mixer & agitators are an essential part of industrial process engineering – from the smallest plant room which chemical dosing tanks are used to water treatment plant with the 30,000-litre tanks with a side or top mounted mixers.

Industrial Mixer Tanks

Our industrial mixer tanks are manufactured from polyethene with U.V. inhibitors. These tanks have thicker walls than standard storage tanks to handle liquids up to 1.5 specific gravity.  As standard these are natural coloured (white, translucent), but special colours (green, yellow, blue, and black) are also available for the light-sensitive product.   These mixer tanks can be flat based or conical for complete drainage of the contents.

Industrial Mixers

Stainless steel motors and gearboxes are available for corrosive atmospheres.   Our mixers have high torque gear drives give agitators the power to disperse heavy concentrates, powders and slurries through the water column without bogging down. Low rotational speed provides low shear mixing and more powerful performance than high-speed propeller-type agitators. 316 stainless steel shafts and heavy gauge formed blades handle tough mixing jobs.  Variable frequency drives and tank baffles to aid mixing efficiency are available.   Powder-coated steel stands are included to support cone bottom mix tanks and support the mixers with stainless steel frame available for food applications.

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