Compost Tea Brewer Tanks

Compost Tea Brewer Tanks – What is Compost Tea?  Just as it sounds, compost tea in simple terms is compost that is soaked in water which produces a rich liquid fertiliser for plant or crop feeding.

To kick start the process a catalyst is added to ‘wake up’ the micro-organisms in the compost and encourages them to multiply. Once the catalyst has been added, the compost is aerated and mixed for several hours. After a few days, the aeration and mixing are stopped and the compost is left to settle out and the liquid (or compost tea) is then drained off.

What are the benefits of using Compost Tea?

There are many good benefits of using compost tea, here are 6 of the most significant ones:

  1. Encourages plant growth: Compost tea has an extremely high level of nutrients and minerals which encourages greener leaves, bigger and brighter flowering and a larger yield of vegetables.
  2. Fast-acting: Being a liquid, the nutrients in compost tea are quickly absorbed through leaves or soil giving a faster response time and less wastage.
  3. Beneficial organisms: The live bacteria improves the soil and the immune system of the plants. Increasing soil microorganisms helps the plant to be more resilient against stress and infection.
  4. Suppresses diseases: A healthy balance is created between soil and plant, increasing the ability to ward off pests, diseases, fungus and the like. Its microbial functions include: competes with disease-causing microbes; degrades toxic pesticides and other chemicals; produces plant growth hormones; mineralises a plant’s available nutrients; fixes nitrogen in the plant for optimal use.
  5. Replaces resident toxic chemicals: Perhaps the greatest benefit is that compost tea rids your land of poisons that harm insects, wildlife, plants, soil and humans. It replaces chemical-based fertilisers, pesticides and fungicides. And, it will never burn a plant’s leaves or roots.
  6. You save money: Producing compost tea is an extremely cost-effective and quick way to boost the health and growth of your plans or crops.

Large scale Compost Tea Brewing

When brewing compost tea on a large scale, it’s plain to say that due consideration should be given to the compost tea tank. Wet compost is heavy and the tank durability is paramount especially if a mixer is also used.

Enduramaxx manufactures a wide range of heavy-duty cone tanks which are perfectly suited to use as Compost Tea Brewer Tanks for brewing.

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