Rectangular Plastic Tanks

Our rectangular plastic tanks are adapted specifically to the specific requirements for indoor and outdoor installation.  These tanks are manufactured in polyethene or polypropylene determined by the medium and the temperature of the liquids being stored. Polypropylene is a member of the polyolefine group of polymers and has excellent resistance to many chemical compounds. Plastic fabrications of this material can operate at temperatures of up to 65° C.

Customisable Plastic Tanks

These tanks can have included in there design;

  • Open top or closed top with a fixed lid, removable or hinged lid,
  • Elevated on a frame, flat bottom or sump bottom,
  • Fittings including overflows, feet, lifting rings, flanges, nozzles and pipework, screw thread sockets
  • Mixers and mixer mounting
  • Internal divider walls and pump well
  • Insulation, inspection systems and ladders

We fabricate rectangular plastic tanks and vessels in a range of other plastic materials, including PVC and PVDF all of which are chemically resistant at different levels dependant on the temperature and concentration of chemicals.

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