Skid Water Fertiliser Bowser

Enduramaxx Skid Water Fertiliser Bowser is designed for use on construction sites, agriculture water and fertiliser bowsers for sprayers, and many other applications for water transport, dust suppression, plant watering and pressure washing. These Skid Water Fertiliser Bowser are available with a wide range of water pumps, pressure washer and dust suppression dribble bars to suit your requirements.

Skid water and fertiliser bowsers offer customers’ optimal liquid filling, handling and cartage efficiency in a strong, long-life design.  These tanks bowsers can be coupled with flat grain trailers, or hook lift frame offering long life reliability that is unchallenged in the mobile water tank market.  Hook lift frames, when combined with frame-mounted tanks, allow liquid transport as one of a wide range of intermodal applications.

In agriculture these horizontal tanks can be used as irrigation tanks, bowsers for transporting molasses, liquid feed and fertiliser storage, handling, transporting and spreading slurry in the field, transporting and spreading liquid fertiliser in the field, cattle trough feeder tank and as a nurse tank for crop sprayers.

Enduramaxx bulk liquid fertiliser transfer bowsers provide an economic, cost-effective option for transporting liquid fertiliser and water around your farm. These Water / Fertiliser bowsers have been designed to withstand rough treatment when work is getting done. Mounted on a galvanised frame for mounting into a grain trailer, are available with a choice of water or fertiliser/chemical pumps fitted with a suction hose and Camlock sprayer fittings.

Other uses for these horizontal tanks include sports field irrigation, mobile freshwater supply for festivals and sports events and throughout construction.

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