Skid Water Bowsers 

Enduramaxx Skid Water Bowsers are designed site applications for water transport, dust suppression, plant watering and pressure washing. These are available with a wide range of water pumps, pressure washer and dust suppression dribble bars to suit your requirements. 

Robust Galvanised Frame 

Our water bowsers are specifically designed for site use mounted on a heavy-duty galvanised frame for many years of use. The skid bowser is available with an optional pump mounting plate which enables the fitting of different pumps. Watering lances are available for watering large gardens, hanging baskets, orchards, vegetable plots and more.  

Used for the supply of non-potable water supply to areas without direct access to water sources. This site bowser is suitable for the storage and transport of drinking water and when livestock drinking troughs are not connected to a mains supply. 

Skid Pressure Washer Bowsers 

These skid or demount bowsers are available as pressure washer bowsers or jet washer bowsers powered by a Honda or Yanma engine. The ensures that spares are available for repairs and maintenance in the future for each power washer. 

Drinking Water Skid Bowsers 

Our skid-mounted water bowsers are specifically designed for mounting to vehicles or free-standing on the floor. The water tanks on these bowsers are available in blue as a WRAS Approved / DWI approved. 

These meet the specific requirements of Regulation 31 the Drinking Water Inspectorate for storage of potable drinking water for welfare units. The UV stabilized rotationally moulded plastic tank will provide will require minimum maintenance against steel tanks.  

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