Road Tow Water Bowsers 

Enduramaxx’s Road Tow Water Bowsers are WRAS approved (when modified in black, boat blue or natural colour tank options only) for the storage and transport of drinking water. They are also used as water bowsers for livestock, particularly where drinking troughs are not connected to a mains supply. This water bowser trailer provides cost-effective on-site solutions where no mains water connections are available. 

Highway Approved Bowsers 

Our Road Tow Water Bowsers have been built to meet the highway regulations and are equipped with lights and indicators with an electrical connection similar to what you would find on other highway going trailers. 

Road Towable Water Bowsers have an advantage over our Site Towable Water Bowsers as they can be pre-filled prior to travel and towed to events or festivals where clean water and/or drinking water is required 

Used for the supply of non-potable water supply to areas without direct access to water sources. This site bowser is suitable for the storage and transport of drinking water and when livestock drinking troughs are not connected to a mains supply. 

Road Tow Pressure Washer Bowsers 

These road tow bowsers are available as pressure washer bowsers or jet washer bowsers powered by a Honda or Yanma engine. The ensures that spares are available for repairs and maintenance in the future for each power washer. 

Drinking-Water Site Bowsers 

Our highway towable water bowsers are specifically designed for site use with off-road tyres and quality assured single axle to handle the mud and the rough terrain of construction sites. The water tanks on these bowsers are available in blue as a WRAS Approved / DWI approved. 

These meet the specific requirements of Regulation 31 the Drinking Water Inspectorate for storage of potable drinking water for welfare units. The UV stabilized rotationally moulded plastic tank will provide will require minimum maintenance against steel tanks.  

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