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Dust Suppression Bowser

These site tow dust suppression bowser with dribble bar for dust suppression on construction sites and equestrian centres.  When operating construction sites, the extraction, handling and movement of materials can cause high levels of dust. The result of failing to control dust can be detrimental to neighbouring homes and businesses.   These site tow dust suppression spray bowsers provide a cost-effective way to reduce dust on-site from roads and trackways preventing the formation of dust clouds.  With a petrol pump to power the 1700 mm spray bar or fantail nozzles the unit puts enough water down to reduce dust without drenching the site.

Good practice for dust control on construction sites

  • Maintain a high standard of housekeeping on site.
  • To ensure that dust arising from loaded wagons leaving the site is kept to a minimum, use covered wagons and skips.
  • Where necessary, use wheel-washing facilities at exits onto public roads.

These Site Tow Dust Suppression Bowser are suitable for the construction site, civils sites, quarry, equestrian ménages and many other applications where the dust needs to be kept down.

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