Arena & Menage Dampeners

Arena and Menage Dampeners are an important part of maintaining the health of horses. An arena watering system for dampening down the riding area school to control dust is important for the rider as well as the horses.  These arena dampeners should be used on riding schools, menages and horse gallops where dust can be a problem. It is also the next step towards curing the horse cough and reducing COPD.

Livestock Water Bowsers

The Menage Dampeners can also double up as a water bowser for filling water troughs in remote horse paddocks and fields. The arena watering systems can be supplied with a watering lance to water hanging baskets, flowerpots, or garden plants. Our arena dampeners have rotationally moulded tanks which are UV stabilised for many years of use.  These tank sizes are available from 200 litres to 1200 litres with varying spray boom widths for your ATV quad bike, UTV utility vehicle, or compact tractor.

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