Enduramaxx Water Bowsers

Enduramaxx Water Bowsers are available as towable and skid water bowsers are WRAS approved (black, boat blue or natural coloured tanks) for the storage and transport of drinking water. These provide cost-effective on-site solutions where no mains water connections are available and can be used for livestock watering.

Site Tow Water Bowsers

Site Tow Water Bowsers are specifically designed for site use and come with a galvanised frame for many years of use. Our site towable water bowsers are available with a pump mounting plate which enables the fitting of different pumps and another add-on for watering of large gardens, hanging baskets, orchards, vegetable plots and more. These single axle dust suppression bowsers are popular on construction sites.

Drinking Water Bowsers

Our range of water bowsers for emergency water and potable water for welfare units are listed under the Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI).

Regulation 31 ensures that water suppliers, when producing and distributing drinking water, only use products and substances that do not cause any detrimental effects on the safety or quality of the drinking water.

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