Open Top Tanks

Open Top Tanks are available in a range of sizes from 110 litres to 25,000 litres with a choice of either 1.1 SG or 1.5 SG wall density. These full access tanks are ideal for blending, mixer or as secondary containment of liquids.  On these tanks, the lid is removed providing total access for mixing, dipping and water testing equipment.

Agriculture / Aquaculture Tanks

These open-top or total access tanks have many applications in agriculture for use as rainwater harvesting tanks, agricultural & horticultural fertiliser mixing tank. This enables farmers to mix up small amounts of fertiliser as required.

in aquaculture, applications for these tanks include fish holding tanks, fish quarantine tanks, Koi tanks & fishponds. our popular 1000 litre water tank and 2000 litre open-top tanks are used as fish breeding tanks and conditioning tanks.

Dipping Tanks / Mixing Tanks

Industrial uses for these tanks include dipping tanks, chemical plating tanks and mixing tanks. Also used as secondary containment for vertical tanks (retrofit bunded tanks) for chemical tanks.  In black, natural and blue these tanks are food safe.

Food Grade Open Top Tanks

All our open-top water tanks are made from WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) approved polymer. As these tanks are made from food-grade material they can be used for foodstuffs.

Like with our baffled water tanks, potable water tanks and underground water tanks, customisation is available including the fitting of flanges, pipework, mixer frames and colours.  Optional lids are available for these water storage tanks with an inspection hatch if required.

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