Flocculation Tank

These Flocculation Tank are available as 2 and 3 Stage Flocculation Tank with single or double wiers and mixer bridges.  These flash mixer and flocculator or coagulation tank are available in sizes from 1m3 to 4m3 size.

What is a Flocculation Tank used for?

Conventional coagulation, flocculation or sedimentation practices are essential pre-treatments for a range of water purification systems. Flocculent chemicals are used in water treatment processes for removal of unwanted solids and contamination to produce cleaner, safer and potentially drinkable water. Other applications requiring a coagulation tank include sewage treatment, cheese production, and brewing. It is also used in surface and physical chemistry, biology, and civil engineering.

What is the definition of flocculation?

In simple terms, flocculation is the process by which individual solid particles in liquid clot together into bigger particles known as ‘clots’ or ‘flocs’ which can then be separated off to leave a cleaner and clearer liquid behind.

Mixers for floc tanks

Flash Mixing in Water Treatment, this stage of rapid mixing consists of adding chemicals to raw water to foster coagulation, attracting particles which do not settle.  The flash mixer and flocculator attracted use the coagulants, such as ferric chloride (FeCl3)PAC (poly aluminium chloride Al2Cl(OH)5), aluminium sulphate (Al2(SO4)3), to make these particles easy to agglomerate during the flocculation stage.

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