ATV/Quad & UTV Water Sprayers

Enduramaxx ATV Sprayer – choose from our wide selection of ATV Sprayer & Quad Sprayers enabling you to cover more ground in less time. All our sprayers can be modified with a boom making application of fertiliser, herbicides, pesticides, and water to yards, parks, sports fields, and crops more accessible.

If you need to control weeds in your paddock, you might consider whether an onboard sprayer would be more cost-effective than a dedicated, trailed sprayer. The two do the same primary task; the sprayer is mounted on a vehicle (designed for quads but could be fastened into a 4×4, pickup or tractor). When you need to spray, you would fit the sprayer onto the rear rack of your quad (or in the back of your pick-up/4×4/UTV/small tractor) then just whiz around the paddock getting rid of those pesky weeds.

The sprayer tanks are rotationally moulded for strength and durability in 2 sizes 60, and 90 Litres and ‘Delavan’ 12v, from 3.8 to 15 l/min and spares are available from stock. There is a range of spray booms which are reliable with break-back devices from 1.5 m to 4 m spray widths.

There is the option of using a spray boom (with several nozzles) or a hand lance which is attached to a hose reel for work on foot. The integral electric pump (12v) provides the power for the unit, and the remote controls allow the spraying to be stopped and started from the driving seat.

Always follow the chemical manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure safety both of the operator and of the animals that will use the paddock subsequently. When selecting your sprayer, always check your ATV/UTV user guidelines for the weight capacity suitable for your vehicle.

Enduramaxx has a wide range of onboard sprayer options; we are most happy to discuss your situation and advise on the best configuration for your needs, so please give us a call.

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