What is a Road Tow Water Bowser_ And What Are The Benefits of Using One_

What is a Road Tow Water Bowser? And What Are The Benefits of Using One?

There are two types of water bowser; those known as ‘highway water bowsers’ and those called ‘site towable water bowsers’. Site towable bowsers cannot be taken on a highway, whilst a highway towable bowser has a different design, including break-away safety capabilities, to make it safe and legal to tow on the road.

These highway tow water bowsers are ideal for transporting water for all sorts of uses, but it is important to know the answers to the following questions in order to ensure you are safe and legal.

What Weight Can I Legally Tow?

The weight you can legally tow will depend on the type of vehicle you have and how much water you want to carry. Remember that one litre of any type of water will weigh around a kilo.

In general terms, a road tow water bowser could carry 2,000 litres of water and weigh more than 2,600kg. To find out if your vehicle could tow this legally, you will need to consult the VIN plate. You will normally find this in your engine bay or in your vehicle handbook.

This plate will tell you what you can tow based on your vehicle’s gross train weight and its maximum authorised mass. The train weight is how much the towing vehicle weighs plus how much the towable item weighs. This is the total weight to be driven on a highway.

You will need to know the gross weight of the filled bowser and add this to the maximum authorised mass revealed on your VIN plate. You can legally tow it if these two figures do not add up to more than your gross train weight. Of course, you will also need a valid driving license.

Can I Hold Drinking Water in The Bowser?

Drinking water and other clean water can be held in the bowser and the benefits of highway water bowsers over site towable water bowsers is that they can be filled before you set off. This makes them perfect for towing to festivals or events where you would need clean or drinking water.

The black, natural colour and boat blue road tow water bowsers sold by Enduramaxx have WRAS approval to transport and store drinking water. This can be used for people or for livestock where troughs are used and there is no mains water supply.

Water bowsers can be used for many tasks as well as supplying drinking water, including dust suppression, plant watering and pressure washing.

How Long Will My Bowser Last?

ENDURAMAX bowsers are built to last, meaning that you will always receive a good return on your investment. It will last for many years and repainting the trailer framework after a couple of years can increase the durability even more.

Will it Be UV Resistant?

UV inhibitors in the polymer of the tanks ensure that all ENDURAMAXX water bowsers are UV resistant.

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