Water abstraction on workshop agenda – rainwater harvesting tanks can ease pressure

The Environment Agency water license reforms is a common subject throughout the country’s farming communities and recently highlighted during an abstractors’ workshop at South Pickenham Estate, near Swaffham. High on the agenda at the Wissey abstractors’ workshop, farmers, land managers and environmental groups heard more details about the proposed licensing changes.  Under the new proposals, groundwater abstraction limits could be calculated on a quota basis and a concern of the group was that large areas of the Wissey catchment were at risk of breaching the “no deterioration’ policy set out in the Water Framework Directive, if every abstractor used all their licensed water.

As we’ve detailed before, with time-limited groundwater licences up for renewal, the risks need to be adequately managed by farmers and rainwater harvesting techniques could be one such way of alleviating pressure from abstraction controls and of course, increasing mains water costs. 

Enduramaxx rainwater tanks can be positioned next to agricultural buildings with large roof areas.  The roof run-off is stored in these UV-stabilised polyethylene tanks where it is held in optimum conditions until it is needed for watering throughout growing season.

If you are concerned about the water license reforms and would like to know more about rainwater harvesting,speak to a member of the Enduramaxx team now.

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