Storage and Transport Tanks – A brief history!

Enduratank horizontal transport tank

The Kvevris, a large earthenware vessel, often buried up to its neck in the ground to ensure a stable temperature for its contents, was used as early as 6000 BC. Enduratank’s Insulated Tank range achieves the same objective and ranges in sizes from 150 litres to 30,000 litres.


Enduratank Insulated Tank

Around 3000BC, at the start of the Bronze Age, standardised clay containers called Amphorae were introduced by both the ancient Greeks and Romans, particularly for the carriage of olive oil and wine. Amphorae ranged in size from around a litre in capacity up to bulk storage and were long necked, round in shape and with a tapered bottom. This tapered bottom permitted easy burial in sand for upright storage but also allowed for the collection of sediment at the base of the vessel, much like today’s modern Cone Tanks, otherwise known as Conical Tanks. The tapered bottom also reduced considerably the amount of sloshing around of the liquid inside the Amphora when being transported, similar to the in-built baffles designed into Enduratank’s Horizontal Transport Tanks or the immensely effective Baffle Ball system.



Amphorae and Enduratank Cone Tank with frame

In the 1st century BC bulk containers called Dolia were used aboard ships by the Romans for the transport of wine, particularly in the Mediterranean region. Initially Dolias were lifted in and out of vessels but later formed part of the ship, being cemented onto the deck and forming the first ever ‘Tankers’. Some Dolias were vast for their day and had capacities of up to 9,500 gallons which equates to over 43,000 litres!

It is believed that during the 1st century AD the Celts invented the good old wooden barrel. At this time in history the Romans were still transporting their wine and olive oil across their Empire in Amphorae, which was a little impractical, so they eagerly adopted the Celtic ‘beer’ barrel for their own use as it was far easier to handle and could be easily carried on wagons and in boats, similar to Enduratank’s Horizontal Pin Mount Tanks!


Wooden barrel and Enduratank Pin Mount Tank

The Middle Ages saw Europe transporting huge quantities of wine across the continent in large wooden barrels known as Tuns. These Tuns could carry up to 950 litres of liquid and, due to the lack and poor condition of the roads, were usually carried on canal or river boats. Today, our Horizontal Transport Tanks and Sump Tanks, which range in sizes from 500 litres up to 13,000 litres, are a lightweight and cost effective method of transporting liquids wherever they may be required. For more information and to see our full range of tanks click here. Remember Think Tank – Think Enduratank.


Enduratank Transport Tank

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